Aura Rewards Tiers

What is the Aura Rewards Program?

The Aura Rewards Program is an exciting way to get exclusive discounts and offers while shopping at AuraLight Dispensary. You have the opportunity to unlock these special offers at no extra cost or effort. Just sign up for our program! But how does the AuraLight Rewards Program work? Two essential features guide how you use our program; orbs, and reward tiers. Learn more about each below!


When you sign up for Aura Rewards, you are enrolled to earn orbs. Orbs function as the currency that powers our rewards program. The more you shop at AuraLight, the more orbs you earn. Think of orbs as our point system. You accumulate orbs by purchasing our fantastic products, which you then trade in for discounts, free items, or special offers. Your orbs can be used for online pre-orders or in-store purchases. When you start in our rewards program, you earn 1 orb for every $1 you spend. That rate goes up as you enter our other rewards tiers, which we’ll tell you a bit more about now.

Reward Tiers

The other main feature of our rewards program is the rewards tiers. We have a three-tiered system where each tier comes with increased benefits and orb-earning potential. Our three tiers are sapphire, emerald and amber. Each tier represents a different facet of our brand promise to you. You are automatically entered into Sapphire Tier when you sign up for the program and are moved to Emerald when you spend $1000 at AuraLight and finally, Amber when you spend $4000. Each tier comes with its own set of benefits that reflect your support of AuraLight. Learn more about each tier of the program below.

Sapphire Tier

The first tier you can be enrolled in is the Sapphire tier. This is the initial tier of the program and you gain access simply by signing up. This tier represents the extraordinary sparkle of Aurora, the City of Lights. Customers at this level enjoy the first glimmers of our exclusive benefits, mirroring the early morning light over the Illinois plains. As a Sapphire member, you get early access to new merchandise and special promotional events, echoing the pioneering spirit of Aurora. As a Sapphire Tier member, you earn 1 orb for every $1 spent. You also receive access to the following rewards: You can trade in 150 orbs for $5 off your order or a free lighter and rolling papers. For 300 orbs you receive $10 off an order, 450 gets you $15 off, and finally 600 orbs earn you $20 off an order, or a free AuraLight bowl or beanie.

Sapphire Rewards Tier

Emerald Tier

Stepping into the heart of the northern woods, the Emerald Tier embodies the lush, verdant expanses of beautiful woodlands. As an Emerald member, you are deeply rooted in our community, enjoying enhanced rewards such as higher orb accrual rates, exclusive discounts, and members-only products that reflect the rich, dense beauty of the north-woods wilderness. Based on your previous purchases, we will send you tailored deals specific to you. As an Emerald Tier member, you earn 1.2 orbs for every $1 you spend. Emerald Tier membership gives you access to the following reward opportunities: For 900 orbs you get $30 off or a free AuraLight-branded hitter box and grinder. 1200 orbs unlock a $40 discount, while 1500 orbs get you a $50 discount. The final reward of the emerald tier is $60 off or a piece of glassware worth $60 for 1800 orbs.

Emerald Rewards Tier

Amber Tier

The pinnacle of our rewards program, the Amber Tier, is inspired by the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis of the Alaskan night sky. This level offers the most exclusive and premium benefits, including top-tier discounts, and much more. The Amber Tier encapsulates the epic fusion of Aurora’s city lights with the natural splendor of the northern lights. As an Amber Tier member, you earn 1.5 orbs for every $1 you spend. Amber Tier membership also grants you the following premiere benefits: 2100 orbs get you $70 off or a free $70 glass piece. 2400 orbs unlock the $80 discount while 2700 orbs get you $90 off. Finally, 3000 Orbs gets you an AuraLight bundle or $100 off your order.

Amber Tier Rewards Tier

Other Benefits

While joining our AuraLight Rewards Program is the best way to get exclusive benefits and offers, AuraLight also offers other benefits to show our appreciation to our customers for being involved in our community. You get a discount for your birthday, if you’re a teacher, senior, student, veteran, cannabis industry professional, and more. You can also earn orbs for referring a friend to our rewards program! Check out our rewards page for more info on discounts and benefits.

Managing Your Rewards

When you sign up for our rewards program, a wallet will be created for your orbs. Whenever you use your account to make purchases at AuraLight, the purchase will automatically be connected to your wallet and reward you with orbs. It’s simple, efficient and requires no work on your end. Here you will also be able to keep track of how many orbs you’ve accumulated and keep up to date with all the benefits we have to offer through our program. If you do not see an email come through, do not worry, it may take up to 24 hours for a “Welcome to Aura Rewards” email to be delivered to your inbox. As always, be sure to check your spam or junk folder.

Rewards FAQ

If you have any questions regarding our AuraLight Rewards Program, we may already have the answers! Check out our FAQ section of the rewards page to see if your question has already been answered. If our FAQ doesn’t answer your query, you can always contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Send us a message on our Contact Us page and we’ll be sure you help you with any questions you have.

Sign Up Today

If you’re ready to sign up for our rewards program and earn orbs, you can sign up today! Join the rewards program by signing up on our Rewards Page. When you sign up today you get 300 orbs as a thank you from AuraLight as well as 25% off your first three visits for new customers. Our community, our customers, and our store mean a lot to us at AuraLight. Thank you for being part of the journey and we hope you enjoy lighting your aura with our rewards program.

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