About AuraLight Recreational Dispensary

AuraLight’s ACE values are Advocacy, Community, and Education. We provide top-quality products that are safe while also making a positive impact on our Aurora community.

Helping You Light Your Aura

At AuraLight, we aim to provide a superior shopping experience with convenience, comfort and the best products in Illinois. Our vision is to be Aurora’s premier dispensary, offering a carefully curated selection of stock from our team of knowledgeable and attentive customer support staff. AuraLight seeks to prioritize the local community of Aurora, and its surrounding area, emphasizing education, safety, social responsibility and quality products.

We are proud to be a part of the Aurora community, and we believe that our deep connection to the city is what sets us apart. Our brand name, AuraLight, was inspired by the city’s nickname, “The City of Lights,” and we hope to embody the spirit of Aurora through our brand and culture.

Lighting Your Aura

Your aura is the energy that makes you unique. We all value different things in our lives like relaxing, socializing or being creative. There are endless ways to be unique and enjoy your time. We believe Lighting Your Aura is a state where we are enjoying ourselves to the fullest. 

Lighting Your Aura is all about optimizing your experience, regardless of your priorities. It’s about unlocking a state of relief, cultivating relaxation, finding inspiration, and achieving your desired outcome when visiting Aurora’s premier dispensary. 

Allow our team of knowledgeable and supportive staff, along with our top-notch product selection in Illinois, loyalty program, and more, to enhance your visit and ensure a memorable experience. 

Join us in Lighting Your Aura.

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